Photographer in New York: Nick Steever

Photographer in LA: Nicki Sebastian

Creative and editorial direction: Samantha Hahn

quarterlane founder and curator: Elizabeth Lane

Still Life Photographer: Nick Steever

Quarterlane Kids is the daughter site to quarterlane, a book box subscription company founded by Elizabeth Lane. The shop features a highly curated selection of books and book box sets searchable by age and interest as well as perennial favorites.

As creative director/editorial director I am responsible for delineating brand tone. I direct all images including: Shop, social campaign and QL Magazine features and manage a team of photographers in: NY, LA, SF and ATL.

I develop content for the magazine, selecting families and kids to feature, conducting interviews and booking the best local photographers including Nick Steever in New York and Nicki Sebastian in LA to showcase these families within the mood of QL and QL Kids.