Prinkshop is the brainchild of one of the Kate Spade founders, Pamela Bell. Prinkshop finds trailblazing organizations, partners with them, and donates profits to their causes.

I was thrilled to creative direct and produce a lookbook and shop images with an all female team. The graphic silk-screened tees are gorgeously designed and produced. My concept was to elevate their presentation. The idea for the shoot was: Colorful silk-screened shapes background (an homage to the work of artist/activist Sister Corita Kent). Models posed dynamically with confidence. T-shirts were styled in a variety of looks showcasing their potential as fashion staple.

I directed the visuals for: Background/screen shapes and color palette, model poses, styling, hair and makeup and assembled the dream team of creatives producing the images for a lookbook and shop images.

Photographer: Meredith Jenks

Founder: Pamela Bell

Stylist: Jessica Roberts

Hair Stylist: Rubi Jones

Models: Sasha Frolova, Mical Klip, Tamar Segre Lewis (Surface Model Agency) and Manuela Kondo

Makeup Artist: Mical Klip